Who we are

Secret recipe chicken.
Not-so-secret careers.

KFC Global brings finger lickin’ good fried chicken to the world. Our team members can be their best selves, make a difference and have fun – all while serving chicken and delighting customers at more than 29,000 restaurants in 150 countries and territories. There’s room for all people and voices at our table. Pull up a chair.

Our story

Always Original.
Done the right way.

"There’s no such things as strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet."

Colonel Sanders

Since starting with 11 herbs and spices, the Colonel’s Original Recipe has grown KFC from a single restaurant into a globally iconic brand. But we're more than just makers of delicious fried chicken. We're believers in doing things the right way. From donating food, to protecting our planet, to upskilling and creating opportunities for underprivileged communities, we're committed to making a difference, however we can.

Our values

Our People Promise

Our unrivaled people and culture are the true heart and soul of our brand. It’s how our People Promise comes to life every day. It’s why our employees can be their best selves, make a difference and have fun. 

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  • #1 Be your best self

    Bring your energy, spirit and spice to work, every single day. Because being yourself and being celebrated by others is a recipe for success.

  • #2 Make a difference

    What you care about, we care about too. From putting smiles on faces to impacting the local community, everyone has the chance to make their mark here.

  • #3 Have fun

    We're all about livin' life to the fullest. Laughing loudly, smiling often and never taking ourselves too seriously. KFC dull? Never.

Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We foster an inclusive culture where everyone is welcomed and valued. Every day, we work with active allyship at our core, and ensure our teams reflect the communities we serve.

Embracing originality

Building Communities of Belonging.

Some places call them Employee Resource Groups. At KFC, we call them Communities of Belonging. Helping employees feel seen, connected, supported and empowered, these groups are open to all KFC employees globally.


Kentucky Fried Pride is dedicated to supporting and celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies, creating a true sense of belonging for all.


SHINE is dedicated to strengthening representation, empowering women at every level of leadership and providing transformative development opportunities and experiences.


Shaping the future

Red, white…and green.

Our buckets might be red and white, but we're getting greener by the day. From forest stewardship to sustainable packaging and animal welfare, we're taking action to do more for the planet. And with 29,000 restaurants (and counting), it's our responsibility to keep KFC growing sustainably, with Mother Earth in mind. Which is why our goal of becoming a net-zero business is a no-brainer.

Building Green

Every 3.5 hours, a new KFC restaurant opens somewhere around the world (pretty crazy, right?). We must act responsibly and ensure that we build with purpose so our brand can have a positive impact for decades to come. To reach our net-zero carbon commitments, we've adopted our Building Green Standards. From energy and material efficiency to water conservation and waste reduction, we're limiting environmental impacts our restaurants have on the planet.

Responsible sourcing

Small changes make a big difference. And we've got some big goals that we're striving to reach, all in the spirit of doing our bit for the environment. From our commitment to eliminating non-reusable plastic packaging by 2025, to sourcing even more responsibly by globally transitioning to 100% cage-free eggs by 2030, we’re moving towards a more sustainable KFC, every single day.

The KFC Global Team

Join the coop.

Here, everyone's got a seat at the table. So, bring your spice and your story. Come exactly as you are. We're the Originals - cooking up our Original Recipe Chicken and feeding people's potential around the world.

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